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Author Topic: Recent Uploads to www.bernardlonergan.com (Archive site)  (Read 10114 times)

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Recent Uploads to www.bernardlonergan.com (Archive site)
« on: May 06, 2012, 01:45:21 PM »
The following materials were uploaded to the Archive site www.bernardlonergan.com during the months of March and April 2012:

(1) Spring 1980 Course Macroeconomics and the Dialectic of History: audio recordings of Lonergan's spring 1980 course "Macroeconomics and the Dialectic of History." The recordings are 22 items beginning '967.' Audio restoration is by Greg Lauzon. Description by Bob Doran points listeners to online documents in www.bernardlonergan.com and to relevants pages in CWL 15, MACROECONOMIC DYNAMICS: AN ESSAY IN CIRCULATION ANALYSIS.

(2) Two new transcriptions were uploaded during the week of March 19, 2012: a transcription of Ponitur quaestio de peculiari creatione hominis ratione theoriae transformisticae (40000DTL040), an early attempt to adjudicate evolutionary theory, and a transcription of 5A000DTL040, Quaestiones metaphysicae, q. 1, De cognitione et cognito -- an early attempt to work out a cognitional theory. The latter is a very important document.

(3) In succeeding weeks:
5A00BDTE040: translation of ‘De cognitione et cognito’
5B000ADTE040: Fragment, ‘The Form of Inference’
5C00ADTE040: Fragment, Structure of the Pure Object
6A00ADTE040: The Problem of Substance
6B00ADTL040: Fragment, ‘The Form of Inference’
6C000DTL040: Fragments of Notes on Marriage
70000DTE070: Being something
80000DTL040: ‘change’, ‘substance’, ‘accident’, ‘form’, ‘matter’, etc. Various metaphysical notions
9A000DTE040: Fragment: Types of Economic Law
9B000DTE040: Fragment: Being something
10000DTE040: Fragment on Multiplicity
11A00DTE040: The Analogy of Being
11B00DTE040: Fragment: The Form of Inference Fragment 3
12000DTIE30: Transcription of Lonergan's notes on an Italian translation of Kant's Metaphysic of Morals.
13000DTE030: Transcription of Lonergan's own reflections after working on Kant's Metaphysic of Morals.