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Author Topic: Fourth Annual Colloquium on Doing Catholic Systematic Theology in a Multireligio  (Read 5643 times)

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This is an update on the Marquette fall colloquium.
   On Thursday, November 1, at 4 PM, Neil Ormerod (Australian Catholic University) will speak on "Christ, Globalization, and the Mission of the Church." A panel consisting of Susan Wood, SCL, John Thiede, SJ, and Joseph Gordon will respond.
   On Friday, November 2, at 10 AM, Joseph Ogbonnaya (Marquette University) will speak on "Lonergan and Integral Development," and a penal of Darren Dias, OP, Dr Jame Schaefer, and Jonathan Heaps will respond.
   And at 2 PM that afternoon, Robert Doran, SJ, will speak on "The Divine Missions and Globalization," and a panel of Thomas Hughson, SJ, Jeremy Blackwood, and Jeff Walkey will respond.
   Proceedings will be uploaded to in audio format and PDF documents shortly after the colloquium.
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