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  • 2012 Halifax Lonergan Conference: July 16, 2012 - July 20, 2012

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Halifax Lonergan Conference
« on: May 16, 2012, 03:29:00 PM »
The 2012 Halifax Lonergan Conference July 16th to 20th at Saint Mary’s University, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Moving Lonergan Studies into Functional Talk

Papers, within a functional specialist mode, are to be submitted to Robert Henman before June 30th, 2012, who will then forward them to participants. A Central Reading is to be: Method in Theology 101 AD 9011: The Road to Religious Reality by Philip McShane. The book will be available as part of the registration fee and will be the topic of four sessions with Philip McShane.

Registration fee: $80 may be paid in Canadian $ during the week. Students-No Fee. Please advise of attendance by June 30th. Sessions:

Monday 10 - 12noon: Philip McShane: The Existential Gap: Heuristic Context and Crippled Conversations
2 to 4 pm: Participant Presentations (PP)

Tuesday: 10 – 12: Philip McShane: Lonergan Literature as Faulty Research & Communications
2 – 4 pm: PP

Wednesday: 10-12: Philip McShane: Conversions to Elementary Reorientations of Talking
2 – 4 pm: PP

Thursday: 10-12: Philip McShane: Seeds of Functional Talking in Conference Papers
2 – 4 pm: PP

Friday: 10-12: Philip McShane: The Discontinuous Way Forward
2 – 4 pm: PP Room: Loyola Building L173

For further info contact Local Room Booking Line: 1-902.420.5055
Long Distance Reservations: 1-888-347-4555
Rooms are $49.95 per night including tax, breakfast, parking, internet, gym facilities.
Halifax Phone # for Robert Henman 1-902-452-1455
Please print this off for contact information.

robert henman

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Re: Halifax Lonergan Conference
« Reply #1 on: July 31, 2012, 01:23:31 PM »
Establishing an Effective Legacy: The 2012 International Halifax Lonergan Conference

The following is not a report but rather a positioning concerning the fate and future of “cumulative and progressive results” (MIT, 4) hoped for by Lonergan. In July of this year (2012) participants gathered for the 10th Annual Halifax/Vancouver International Lonergan Conference. Presentations suggested efforts towards a collaborative approach in work ranging from aesthetics to systems-structures and developments in biology, to Trinitarian spirituality. The focus was on contributions to culture that call for recycling through the process of functional specialization. That was the direction of our week’s effort: to detect the psychodynamics of presentation and reception that is required for fostering the effective implementation of Lonergan’s central discovery regarding the creation and control of meaning and history.
Phil McShane expressed in his 10 hours of lectures the need for a luminous chemicalization of our struggling stance towards future foundations that is required if an adequate legacy of Bernard Lonergan’s achievements is to be established. Over the past ten years of these gatherings there has been a slow growing incarnation within the group of a sensibility of what is lacking for implementation, and it gradually fermented forward through the intussusception of McShane’s slogan for the week, “This deserves recycling”. Discussion sessions focused the difficulties of the work and were accompanied by concerns over traditional conference processes and structures and the failure of such structures to introduce young students to the dynamics of functional collaboration. Too many complex issues were raised in the week, but intimations of the group’s reachings are given here through some members brief expressions of their week’s climbing which I give below. It is my hope that in sharing the mood and reflections of the participants over the past week, with their permission and agreement, it would nudge others to reach for some form of implementation of functional collaboration.
Brief Responses from Some Conference Participants

As a newcomer to this conference I was astonished at the looseness of structure that in fact gave rise to a great lift of collaborative conversation. Broader, serious questions of Lonergan studies were faced honestly, and of course “my quest” was thoroughly and refreshingly shaken up.

Recycling recycled my cycles a bit more. Oh, what is a cycle? Still questioning ... as to the question. But more wonderfully opened. Round and round in this mystic universe but friends are a must.

I have a richer sense of us, a global group, questing together; hope for growth of our global community.
I am questing – “a sitting devotedly near the teacher”: Upa ( near), ni (devotedly) shad (sat). She who is more of a stranger now than she was on Monday, physical, chemical, not merely biological or spiritual.

New to this group’s dynamics but startled at the manner in which it lifted my questions and QUEST. I see the new stance of functional recycling as the seed of the reform of what I now see as a Lonergan movement grown stale and dangerous.

Glimpsing myself as a different quest of bones and brain-nerves: acceleratingly, especially in the meaning and significance of the cosmic chemistry in relation to the Quest’s evolution.

A flaming large context… My quest is more molecularly-tuned than it was on Monday, slightly less fragmented, slightly more frazzled, somewhat dazzled, wanting more, dreading the soon-to return dominance of the quotidien.

My “what” has received some new formations expanding the “what” beyond the limitations of Monday. “What ifs” joined the quest: possibilities, creative possibilities to speak and share meaning and mystery.

I began with some hope of gathering ideas for a book project on Dialectic. The pre-conference papers and the informal talks provided 1) new insights that pointed to revisions in what I’d already written and 2) new materials for content for the final chapters. Some elliptical comments will stay with me as ‘food for thought’ in coming months: comments on resurrection, natural rights, teaching, narration of my own displacements and breakthroughs.

I found this year’s Lonergan conference focussed on issues and elements that were very pertinent to me personally but also in terms of ongoing development of the achievements of Bernard Lonergan. I found the spontaneous cohesion of the group liberating and opening towards personal and group creativity.

Certainly, I am a different quest. I came feeling very tired, but now I am revved up. I got some validation for giving my talk. I enjoyed meeting new people at the conference, and connecting with people I know from previous years.

I am a more encouraged quest now than I was on Monday past. My sense of possibilities has contracted somewhat, but the existing possibilities that remain have been considerably focussed. Life seems a bit more liveable than it did early on Monday.

For someone from a different Lonergan tradition of paper reading, this free-flowing honest dialogue was a shock, yet a shock in the right direction. Our quest, personal and group and global, was placed up-front.

Please send on any reflections or comments to this report to me at
They are most welcome.

Submitted by:
Robert Henman
Conference Director

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Re: Halifax Lonergan Conference
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Thanks for posting this. May it generate abundant discussion.