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Title: Lonergan and Maritain on Education (translation of the notice from Piacenza)
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Lonergan and Maritain on Education
Piacenza, Italy, September 13-14, 2012
                The meeting, funded by a grant from a Commission of the Italian Church on Culture, will take place, as in the past, at the Catholic University in Piacenza, Italy, the 13th and 14th of September.
The Aim of the Seminar
The history of these seminars at Piacenza is chiefly linked to the educational aspects of the work of Bernard Lonergan.  In this seminar the promoters wish to continue that orientation but, at the same time, to widen the reflection to include, within the wide world of Catholic culture, one of Lonergan’s contemporaries, Jacques Maritain.  The latter was, and still is, a point of reference for many in various parts of the world. Maritain and Lonergan were two major protagonists in the story of the 20th century and their thought was certainly present, although in various ways, in the cultural development of the Second Ecumenical Council.  The seminar intends to focus on just one aspect of their thought, that is, the educational aspect, with particular reference to the philosophy of education and to its implications for the curriculum.
We have thought that two presentations on Maritain and two on Lonergan would be sufficient to open up reflection and, above all, to give to the participants enough time to join in a healthy dialogue on the topic.